"You changed my life! . . .You put a lot of effort into the planning and your wealth of knowledge is phenomenal.
Nobody can do it better than you. I am saving money already for the next trip. I am truly thankful!"

~Robert Ross from Canada regarding the November, 2008 trip


"This trip was easily worth every penny I spent and I would've paid 10 times more! I can't wait for the next adventure!"

~Shelley Wright from North Carolina regarding the April, 2013 trip


Joshua P. Warren, President of L.E.M.U.R., is producing the world's first 24-hour research center located at one point of the Bermuda Triangle. It's being set up in Puerto Rico. To fund and operate this project, during the year 2013, Warren will personally take a small group on the adventure of a lifetime and Certify them as specialized Bermuda Triangle Investigators. During this 4-day expedition, each person will:


investigate intense spiritual activity in Old San Juan, including catacombs, miracle sites, and ancient relics

explore the enchanting rain forest, where chupacabras and other creatures have been seen

wander through underground tunnels in the old forts where pirates were executed

spend an evening at the place where most UFOs are seen (the latest group saw them three nights in a row)

enter a mysterious cavern where ancient remains were found

visit the magical bio-luminescent bay, where the water glows with mystical light; probably the real Fountain of Youth sought by Ponce De Leon

enjoy the warm waters as you ride the waves of a tropical beach *and more!


Each person will receive a lifetime membership in the Bermuda Triangle Research Center, will become a Certified Bermuda Triangle Investigator with credentials, and have his/her name engraved on a plaque at the headquarters. Total cost, including all adventures, plane flight, and accommodations is approx. $2000 per person flying from North America. This also includes breakfast each day. Current available dates are:

January 22, 23, 24 & 25, 2014

February 6, 7, 8 & 9, 2014

March: email for dates

April: email for dates

* Also ask about our expedition to Puerto Rico's UFO-intense West Coast *

We are not a travel agency, but we will help you get the best values on flights and accommodations.

"You did not exaggerate what we would experience . . . Words cannot do justice to the event. It must be experienced to be appreciated . . . I would strongly encourage anyone with an interest in the paranormal to take the trip. Even if the interest in metaphysics is limited, the island is beautiful with the striking forts and historic landmarks in the city making the trip worthwhile . . . Thank you again for the opportunity."

~Dr. O. Allen Guinn III, from Kansas City, regarding the trip November of 2008

Old San Juan is a U.S. territory, and does not require a passport to visit. Year round temperature averages 80 degrees, so it's always "summer." The streets are clean and safe at all hours, with helpful policemen on every corner.

Warren is Certified by the Puerto Rico Department of State [#182853]. Contact Warren NOW to reserve your space.

To reserve your space now requires a non-refundable deposit of $1695. This amount covers everything except your plane flight (usually around $200-$400 from the US) and meals (breakfast is included, though). Once you have made the deposit, Warren will contact you to advise you on making your own plane reservation to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The money goes entirely to the research. It will fund a system of cameras and instruments that will monitor the Triangle 24 hours a day and provide non-profit reports for the public domain via the internet.

Click HERE to email Warren.

"A land of enchantment . . . I guarantee it will leave an imprint on you for a long time to come."

~Bryan Sayre, Lead Investigator of Toledo Haunted Occurrences Research

"I had the time of my life!"

~Justin Addison, from Missouri, regarding the April, 2013 trip


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